Our Impact

Our programmes allow young people to build confidence and acquire skills that are needed for the 4th industrial revolution (4IR). We meet learners where they are at and create learning environments on school premises to introduce technology to them in a fun and exciting way.


Over the past 9 years MiDO has worked extensively with organisation to help integrate technology into schools in order to impact communities at large.

This process has included training young people in digital skills and also employ them within the technology industry; to date MiDO has trained over 50 young people and employed 30 in the form of Teachers Training Assistants (TTA) and Hub coordinators.

I know that learning digital skills will help them going forward.

Working as a coordinator for the MiDO Foundation is very different from what I was doing as an e-Learning assistant. When I joined MiDO, I didn’t know that I was going to teach graphic design and photography skills to the learners. With the skills I had before, I knew how to use a computer when I needed it, but it was not as advanced as what I have learnt at MiDO.

There are learners in our community who are in high school and who know nothingg about technology. They know how to use their phones, but when we work on computers, we have to start from scratch and show them how to switch on a computer, how to log in, how to use Google to find information, and how to use the different programmes on the computer.

I am able to speak in front of people, something I did not care to do before. I also know how to teach learners new skills and motivate them. I am definitely not shy anymore and I am teaching the learners how to become confident too.

Lindiwe Thandabantu

Teaching has always been her dream.

I studied Computer Technology Application at Luckhoff High School and really enjoyed it,” explains Nadine. “I already knew in Grade 1 that I wanted to be a teacher because I love working with children. It’s why I enjoy working at the hub because I get to work with young people.

I actually did not think I would be using computers again, even as a teacher. But nowadays teachers have to know how to use (electronic) White Boards and that means you have to know how to use computers when you are teaching.

You have learners in Grade 12 who are unable to switch on a computer or do a basic thing like change the font in a Word document. It is sad to see this as it makes me realise that these learners are not ready to function in a world with technology and will definitely not be able to adjust to university easily.

Of course there are also the learners who are able to work out how to use different technology functions on their own.

I would encourage funders to continue funding the programmes offered by the MiDO Foundation, because it makes a huge difference in the lives of unemployed youth and in improving the digital skills of learners. These skills are very important in the workplace where it’s important to know how to use technology to do your job well.

Nadine February


As a solution to unemployment and lack of exposure to technology by South African learners, MiDO has built technology spaces (maker spaces) and programs within schools to help bring in a new form of learning and equip them with 21st century skills.

Learners have been exposed to skills such as robotics, film and photography, entrepreneurship and various technology tools.


Teachers play a significant role in equipping young people for the 4th Industrial revolution and integrating technology within the classroom and schools; the efficient use of technology by teachers is a major catalyst for the success of all 4IR & technology integration programs.

As MiDO we have trained over 175 teachers in programs such as google gsuite, leadership development and classroom technology integration tools.


As major stakeholders in the process of integrating technology into communities and among learners, schools have transformed significantly because of the Digital Technology Hubs and Digital Citizenship programs that MiDO offers.

Some of our schools such as Stellenzicht Secondary have been pillars of inspiration and leadership among neighbouring schools by providing technology training sites to help train other teachers that are not within their schools.


Wherever MiDO sets up shop in implementing our mission there is always a life impacted in some way or another and that life is often times connected to a family and the community.

As MiDO we have partnered with organisations like Usiko to guide youth into caring and responsible adulthood through mentoring, building skills and knowledge, creating strong family and community ties, and allowing the healing power of Wilderness to transform lives, to help extend the good work done by these particular organisations in communities through technology.